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WBL-6 series elcb

WBL-6 series elcb

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WBL-6 series elcb

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Product Category: Residual current device
  • Product description
    WBL-6 series f360 Residual current circuit breaker is in comply with standard of IEC61008-1, applying to the circuit of AC 50/60Hz,230V single phase, 400V three phases or below it for industrial and mining enterprise, trade building, commerce and family. WBL-6 RCCB is mainly used for preventing electric fire and personal casual accident caused by personal electric shock or leakage of electrified wire net, this is a current operated, fast leakage protector of pure electroamgnetic type, which can break off fault circuit rapidly in order to avoid occurrence of accident. WBL-6 RCCB is precise in structure, less elements, without auxiliary power and high working reliability.

    Main Technical Parameter
    Type WBL-6
    Pole 2P 4P
    Rated current In(A) 10, 16, 25,32,40,63 10, 16, 25,32,40,63
    Rated residual operating current I∆n(mA) 10,30,100,300 30,100,300
    Rated residual non-operating current I∆no(mA) 0.5I∆n
    Voltage Un(V) 240(220), 415(380)
    Tripping time <0.1s
    Ambient temperature -5oC~+40oC
    Vibration resistance Minimum 5g 30min, 0~8Hz

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