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TP8A(B)16 timer switch

TP8A(B)16 timer switch

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TP8A(B)16 programable timer switch

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Product Category: Timer switch
  • Product description

    TP8A(B)16 programable timer switch according to the time set by the user, automatically turn on and turn off the variety of electrical equipment. Control object can lights, light boxes, neno signs, production equipment, agriculture, warehouse exhaust dehumidifier automatically preheat optimal control products, such as radio and television equipment. Lithium battery inside, high-precision, industrial-grade chips, strong anti-jamming.

    DIN Rail Installation
    Advanced pre setting one week before
    Digital electronics general purpose time switch with daily and weekly programs
    Repeat programs with 8 ON OFF settings
    To the minute setting accuracy
    LCD displays real time to Hour Minute and ON AUTO OFF

    Main Technical Parameter

    Item No. TP8A(B)16 / DHC15A
    Operating Voltage AC220V/AC110V 50/60Hz
    Power comsuption 4.5VA/7.5VA
    operating temperature -10~+50℃
    Accuracy ≤2 Seconds/day
    Minimum Setting Unit 1 minute
    Time Setting Range 1 minute~168 hours
    Contact Capacity Lamp Load: 1000W Resistive Load: 16A/250VAC
    Lamp Load: 1000W Resistive Load: 16A/250VAC
    Working Reserve Time 3 years
    Mounting DIN rail mounting

    Outline & Dimensions

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