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TB388 timer switch

TB388 timer switch

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TB388 series mechanical timer switch

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Product Category: Timer switch
  • Product description

    Item: TB388 series 24-Hour mechanical timer switch
    Applicable scopes: TB-388 24 Hour timer switch is suit for water heater, Water dispensers, Street lamp, Staircase lamp, Advertising lamp boxes, Breed aquatics, Irrigate, Office power auto control, in anywhere need time control in civilian, home or industrial, etc. It can setting 8 programs to control ON and OFF of electric appliance in 24 hours or setting 48 programs in one week. It can be programmed to avoid the peak of power, and it can distribute power in time limit to saving energy. This timer is a kind of module for DIN guide rail, it is easy to install in distribute box, and its so compact size with pretty form. Its time base component adopt synch pulse motor and it is strong anti-jamming with performance stabilization.

    Main Technical Parameter

    Type TB-388
    Contact capacity 220VAC 16(10)A
    Time Range 24h
    Contact resistance ≤50Ω
    Insulation resistance ≥100Ω
    Coil voltage 100~240VAC
    Life Electric 105 times
    Mechanical 107 times
    Environment temperature -20℃~+55℃
    Consumed power 5VA
    Working reserve 300hours (change the charging available)
    Mininum setting unit 15minutes
    Setting times 15m/time 96 times

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