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cam switch protective box

cam switch protective box

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Rotary cam switch with protective box

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Product Category: Changeover switch
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    The LW26F sereies rotary switch mainly applies to 440V and below,AC 50Hz or 240V and below DC circuits. For breaking and closing, change-over of circuits under unfrequently manual operation. And the typical application are:control switch of 3 phase motors,control switch gear, control switch of instruments,and change-over switch of machinery and welding machine.
    The series comply with the GB 14048.3,GB 14048.5 and IEC 60947-3,IEC 60947-5-1.
    The LW26 series have 10 current ratings:10A,20A,25A,32A,40A,63A,125A,160A.
    They were designed for multiple functions,wide variety of applications.
    The LW26-10,LW26-20,LW26-25,LW26-32F,LW26-40F and LW-60F have finger protection terminals.
    LW26 series rotary switch are an excellent substitute for LW2,LW5,LW6,LW8,LW12,LW15,HZ5, HZ10,and HZ12.
    The LW26 series rotary switch has two derivatives,LW26GS Pad-lock type and LW26S Key-lock type.
    Both of them are applicable in circuits when an physical control is required.
    We can equip protective box(IP65) for 20A to 63A.

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