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ML-72 series analog meter

ML-72 series analog meter

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ML-72 series analog meter

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Product Category: Transformer & meter / Meter
  • Product Introduction

    Uses and applications:
    ML-72 series of meters is a direct imitation of power measurement display instruments, measuring DC current and voltage, AC current and voltage, frequency, power factor, phase sequence, power, synchronization instructions and other non-power measurements. It has been widely used in a variety of AC and DC transmission and distribution systems, power control panels and other electrical devices, in the industries of maritime shipping, rail transport, chemical flameproof, low voltage equipment, construction equipment, generators, machinery equipment, etc. Being able to make electrical measurement and non-power measurement, it is a high-end instrument applied in general environmental conditions.

    Standards and certifications:
    Production Standard: GB/T7676-1998 Safety Performance Specification: GB4793
    Dial Scale Design Specification: Germany Standard DIN43790
    Dial Pointer Design Specification: Germany Standard DIN43790
    Meter Appearance Production Standard: GB/T1242
    Meter Opening Size Production Standard: IEC61554
    International Security Certification: CE

    Unless specified, the meter is usually installed in a vertical position. Other installation positions such as horizontal and inclined position can be installed according to the customer’s requirements. The corresponding level of accuracy is only valid to the regulated installation position. The meter has two kinds of instruction angles: right angle 90°and wide angle 250°.

    Accuracy level:
    AC and DC voltmeter and ammeter to the level of 1.5 or 2.5, power meter to the level of 2.5, frequency meter to the level of 2.5, and power factor meter to the level of 2.5.

    Technical Parameters

    Name   Precision Normal Specification Remark
    AC Ammeter A 1.5 0.5A-20A can be directly connected
    A 2.5 30A-100A can be directly connected
    A 1.5 10/5A-10k/5A secondary current passed by CT
    AC Voltmeter V 1.5 10V-750V can be directly connected
    Kv 1.5 1kV-35kV 100V secondary voltage passed by voltage transformer
    DC Ammeter uA mA 2.5 50uA-500uA 1mA-500mA can be directly connected
    A 1.5 1A-15A can be directly connected
    A 1.5 15A-3kA outer attached shunt 75mV 60mV 50mV
    DC Voltmeter V 1.5 3V-600V can be directly connected
    kV 1.5 1kV-3kV outer attached resistance
    Hz meter Hz 2.5 45-55Hz 55-65Hz 36V,100V, 127V, 220V, 380V
    Powe meter kW Var 2.5 100V 380V 380-380kV 100V secondary voltage passed by voltage;Secondary current passed by current transformer 5-10kA/5A
    COSΦ COSΦ 2.5 COSΦ=0.5-1-0.5 100V/5A 220V/5A 380V/5A
    Three-phase synchroscope S 2.5 100V 220V 380/100V Gauge outfit integration, with insulation monitor
    Max Demand meter A kA 3 10/5A-10k/5A secondary current passed by CT


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