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LY2 General Purpose Relay

LY2 General Purpose Relay

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LY2 General Purpose Relay

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Product Category: Relay / General purpose relay
  • Product description

    LY1 LY2 LY3 LY4 (JQX-13F 1Z 2Z 3Z 4Z) are a series of miniature general purpose relays specially designed for users demanding small size, sturdy construction and high electrical capacity. Mechanisms are furnished in polycarbonate dust-proof enclosures and are recommended for a multitude of electrical control applications for their reliability and compact size.Continuous duty coils, either AC or DC are available for voltages up to 240V AC or 120V DC. Contacts can be supplied in SPDT, DPDT, 3PDT, 4PDT arrangements. Continuous current ratings are 10 and 15 Amps. Many terminal types are available for solder,plug-in or printed circuit board mounting.

    Various relays,including LED
    15A / 10A Transfer Contacts
    1Z,2Z,3Z,4Z Contact operating form
    Various Teminals Available
    Transparent dust-proof cover,Various mounting types
    Various sockets available
    Including LED,test button

    Main Technical Parameter

    General Purpose Relay LY1 (JQX-13F 1Z) LY2 LY3 LY4 (JQX-13F 2Z 3Z 4Z)
    Contact Specification:
    Contact form 1Z,1H,1D 2Z,2H,2D,3Z,3H,3D 4Z,4H,4D
    Contact resistance ≤100mΩ(1A 6VDC)
    Contact material AgCdO
    Contact capacity 15A 250VAC/28VDC 10A 250VAC/28VDC
    Technical Specification:
    Insulation resistance ≥500MΩ(500VDC)
    Ambient temperature -40℃~+70℃ (No condensation)
    Dielectric strength BCC ≥ 1500VAC 1min
    BOC ≥ 1000VAC 1min
    COC ≥1500VAC 1min
    Operate / Release time ≤25ms/25ms
    Terminal type PCB and terminal mounting
    Coil Specification:
    Rated coil power  0.9W/1.2VA  0.9W/1.2VA 1.4W/2VA 1.6W/2.5VA

    Dimension & Bottom View

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