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G7L Power Relay

G7L Power Relay

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G7L Power Relay

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Product Category: Relay / Power relay
  • Product description

    G7L series Power Relay is suitable for switch control for high-inrush controls: air-conditioning compressor, variety of fluid pumps, etc. Switch control for electric tools and a variety of motor, Switch control for heater power control, switch control for a variety of drying machine power control, switch control for controlling various lights, switch control for packaging machines, food processing equipment, power control, it with small Size, high-capacity, high-withstand voltage relay capable of large power switch.

    Low power consumption
    Rugged Design
    Silver alloy contacts
    With manual test button function
    Power Supply: AC(V) 12,24,48,60,110,220,240 50Hz; DC(V) 6,12,24,48,60,110,220
    Output Contacts rated 25A at 250 VAC or 30 VDC
    SPST Output
    Screw mounting method

    Main Technical Parameter

    General Purpose Relay G7L-1A-T G7L-2A-T
    Contact Specification:
    Contact form 1A 2A
    Contact resistance 50mΩ(1A 6VDC)
    Contact material AgCdO
    Contact capacity 30A/30VDC 250VAC
    Technical Specification:
    Insulation resistance ≥500MΩ(500VDC)
    Ambient temperature -40℃~+70℃ (No condensation)
    Dielectric strength BCC ≥ 1500VAC 1min
    BOC ≥ 1000VAC 1min
    COC ≥1500VAC 1min
    Operate / Release time ≤20ms/15ms
    Terminal type PCB and terminal mounting
    Coil Specification:
    Rated coil voltage  DC6 to 24V, AC6 to 240V
    Rated coil power  DC≤2W

    Dimension & Bottom View

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