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85C1 series analog meter

85C1 series analog meter

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85C1 series analog meter

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Product Category: Transformer & meter / Meter
  • Product Introduction

    Uses and applications:
    85C1 series of panel meter for the magnetic and electromagnetic systems for installation in a variety of control systems and power distribution system display panel and large switch board instructions related to electrical parameters, such as: AC and DC current, voltage, power factor, power, Synchronization value, frequency, expansion voltage and overload current.
    Product performance in line with GB7676-98 standard.

    Accuracy class:

    Conditions of use
    Working temperature: -20 ~ +50 ℃;
    Relative humidity: ≤ 85% (25 ℃);
    Resistance to mechanical properties: can withstand acceleration of 30 m / s, the impact frequency of 80 to 120 per minute Voltage: 0Hz, 2KV, which lasts 1 minute;
    Voltage effect: ± 15% of the change from the rated value, causing the indication error does not exceed the specified basic error;
    Installation location: vertical installation.

    Technical Parameters

    Name Measuring Range Notes
    AC Ammeter A 50mA-50A Connect directly
    10-800/5A By 5A secondary current CT
    kA 1KA-10kA
      V 5V-750V Connect directly
    kV 1KV-450kV By 100V secondary voltage VT
    DC Ammeter μA 50μA-500μA Connect directly
    mA 1mA-500mA
    A 1A-10A
    15A-750A External shunt
    kA 1KA-10kA
    DC Voltmeter V 1V-750V Connect directly
    kV 1KV-450kV External device
    Frequency Meter Hz 45Hz-55Hz
    100V 220V 380V
    By 100V secondary voltage VT
    Power Meter kW 100V 380V 5A
    By 5A secondary current CT
    By 100V secondary voltage VT
    Power Factor Meter COSφ COSφ=0.5-1-0.5
    100V, 220V, 380V
    By 5A secondary current CT
    By 100V secondary voltage VT


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