Yueqing Morele Import & Export Co.,Ltd


Customer Service
Message, telephone, online all-round real-time reply to your advice
Listen to comments, keep track of feedback, keep in mind the recommendations, and always solve your needs, to ensure that every customer can enjoy MORELE's meticulous service.

Product Support
● Mini circuit breaker
● Residual current device
● Moulded case circuit breaker
● Magnetic contactor
● Relay
● Changeover switch
● Push button switch
● Transformer & Meter
● Cable lugs & Terminal
● Other electrical product accessories

Technical Support
MORELE technical commissioners are from the low-voltage electrical industry, has a wealth of practice and production experience. For complex, high-end applications, the MORELE technical specialists can help you find the best solution for a wide variety of low-voltage electrical product options. In addition, the MORELE Technical Specialist will assist you in finding ways to maximize the performance of your products and provide accurate and reliable reference data.

After-sales service
In order to completely lift the customer's worries, MORELE set up a comprehensive technical and experienced high-quality after-sales service team, the first time to provide you with professional and meticulous after-sales service.